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Kris Longo, President                       kris.longo@geekriotmedia.com




Marc Zenker, National Sales Director   marc.zenker@geekriotmedia.com


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GEEK RIOT MEDIA is the first specialized media representation and consultancy firm dedicated to delivering curated, new-to-market pop culture geek-targeted advertising opportunities to brands nationwide. 

​So much more than a simple publisher's representative, GEEK RIOT MEDIA provides unparalleled experience in pop culture advertising strategy to media partners and advertisers alike.

Our media and capabilities:

  • ​Geek Lifestyle Publications
  • Comic Book Publishers
  • Geek News Publications
  • Pop Culture Conventions
  • Film Screenings and Festivals
  • Sponsorships
  • ​Custom Content Creation
  • ​Specialty Media Strategy and Planning

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